We cannot estimate what time you will be plowed; please do not ask what time we will get to your house. We get to everyone on the list as soon as we can and appreciate your patience and understanding about this.


We understand that inclement weather may affect travel to work or school and you are paying for a service to aid in that travel. Unfortunately, we cannot arrive at everyone’s house as soon as the snow ends or in-line with each customer’s respective schedule. Our schedule is determined by mother nature, so we might arrive at your house until after you have already left for work or school.

"Can you plow me first/last/at 5:23am?"

All customers are on a route that is serviced by a truck who is plowing other similar driveways. The routes are created so that we plow in a logical order. We understand that you may have to go to work or get the kids to school in the morning or possibly don’t have to go anywhere. Your driveway will be plowed in the order of the route. 

"How do you know when to plow?"

Well, all plans are subject to change, but we rely on experience, many weather apps, the news and, honestly, looking at the window to see how much snow is on the ground. If the forecast calls for 3" of snow, we'll plow when all the snow stops. If it's a bigger storm, we may need to plow more than once. We use a combination of technology and our own judgement which comes from years of experience. Sometimes we get it wrong, but we blame Mother Nature for being finicky and changing her mind. 

"Do you shovel?"

We shovel in front of the garage where the plow can't reach, but DO NOT shovel:

  • walkways
  • patios
  • paths
  • front doors
  • back doors
  • cat doors
  • between cars nor will we knock on the door, call or text you and wait for you to move your car. Your driveway may be skipped if cars are blocking plow access to the driveway.

"What Can I do to help the plowing process?"

Thanks for asking!

  • Leave your driveway/exterior lights on overnight. It really is a big help.
  • Respect the plows, don’t crowd the plow and tell your children to do the same. NO ONE SHOULD EVER WALK, PLAY OR RUN BEHIND A WORKING PLOW TRUCK. The driver isn’t looking for you and probably can’t see you.
  • Make sure your driveway is as clear as possible - this means any obstacle that will prevent plowing from occurring* or can cause damage^ if it's buried under snow. e.g. garbage cans, toys

*there will be a service charge if your driveway is blocked and you ask us to come back the next day after you have moved your car(s)

^We will not be responsible for damage caused to items left on the driveway

"Why is there still snow and ice on my driveway?"

The goal of snow plowing is to clear your driveway so that you can get out and go about your business as usual. A snow plow cannot always clean your driveway to the pavement like a shovel or snow blower can.

"Is snow plowing fun?"

I guess it can be. It's mostly hard work, generally late at night under stressful and adverse conditions and you don't eat very well and there's nothing good on the radio. But, we'll take snow plowing over working in an office any day!